Dr. Manish Kumar

Brief Biography

Dr. Manish Kumar (born 1977) is an Indian physicist, motivator &  entrepreneur. His research interests involve Thin films, Surface-interface effects, Plasma processes,Photon-Matter interactions, Energy- & Bio-applications. 

After receiving his doctoral degree in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, he worked as Research Associate (at Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi), as Assistant Professor (at Central University of Rajasthan) and as Senior Researcher (at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea). 

Since March 2017, he is Chairman and Managing Director of 'Organisation for Science Innovation and Research'. He is also associated with I.nanoEnergy (spin-off energy company of University of Porto), and Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology and Photonics, University of Porto, Portugal.

He has authored and co-authored more than 60 research articles in leading peer reviewed International journals and conferences. He is member of Material Research Society and life member of Materials Research Society of India. He is an editorial board member of SN Applied Sciences (of Springer-Nature) and Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science. He is also an active reviewer for major journals series i.e. Nature, Wiley, RSC, Elsevier, Springer etc.