Research Groups

We are in early phase of our research activities. Starting with two research groups, we are developing necessary infrastructure and facilities to match to the cutting edge of contemporary science and technology. We promote cross-networking of groups and collaborative research activities with  other scientific laboratories and institutes. 

Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM)

Group Leader: Dr. Manish Kumar

Focused areas: 

1. Thin films for Energy and Bio applications

2. Plasma processes for nano-matter synthesis and treatments

3. Nanogenerators 

Centre for Sensors & Actuators (CSA)

Group leader: Dr. Abhishek Pathak

 Focused areas: 

1. Actuators for healthcare applications 

2. Smart sensors

3. Low SWaP devices 


#Sputtering, # Thermoelectrics, # Energy Harvesting, # Thin Film

#Sputtering, # Thermoelectrics, # Energy Harvesting, # Thin Film